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Lofrans Tender Winch Recovery Capstan

Lofrans Tender winch Tender winch Specifications

Main Features

The Tender Winch models are units designed to recover a small tender or a jet ski.

They are assembled using a heavy duty electric motor and gearbox, with the motor contained in an IP67 rated cover to be protected from humidity and sea water, and by a strong aluminum drum able to contain the necessary belt.

The drum is driven by use of a high torque worm gear box with the gear case made in black anodized marine aluminum.

The gears are made of special bronze and steel in order to withstand the high stress during operation.

The top part is made by a simple construction of a anodized marine aluminum for the base and drum, and a stainless steel AISI 431 shaft.

They are available at a power rating of 800W at 12V or 700W at 24V.

Motor Size 700W 800W
Volts 12 24
Amps work load 150 80
Max Lift Load (kg) 550 600
Working load (kg) 125 125
Line speed (m/min) 20 20
Weight (kg) 9 9
1,252.09 €
Sale Price
1,126.88 €
602122 602123

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